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Celebrating 75 Years of Excellence


Our History 

S & H Manufacturing was born from integrity and hard work, established in the heart of Houston, Texas by the Sundeen Family. Sigurd Hjalmar Sundeen was an immigrant from Sweden who came to the United States in pursuit of the American Dream, seeking prosperity and happiness. S & H is a story centered around the belief that through hard work and perseverance anyone can achieve success. Since 1947 we’ve been manufacturing steel products, consistently maintaining our standards; core values backed by quality products, delivered on time, every time. S & H (serves the electrical infrastructure) and has been committed to the success of our customers, manufacturing products for building transmission and distributions lines, substations, underground, and service centers. 75 years of experience and innovation is reflected in every product we make.

Mr. Sundeen’s legacy was carried on by his two sons’ Sigurd and Hjalmar, who owned and operated the business with the same passion and humility. The Sundeen brothers knew that the foundation of their success were the employees. They believed that the development of the employees would not only grow them personally, but that this was vital to the growth of the organization. By offering training programs aimed at enhancing the skills of the employees, fostering diversity, and committing itself and its employees to the highest standard of ethics, S & H would create an environment in which people would thrive and business would generate more profit. Chrystel Smith was a product of this development strategy. She began working at S & H in 2010 as an (administrative assistant), but through mentorship, hard work, and determination she quickly worked her way to the top. She was committed to learning the business and excelled, creating opportunities to drive organizational growth and increase profits. She had a vision for expansion, and she brought in a new team to help bring her ideas to fruition, her children Callie, Margan, and Blake. In 2017 she purchased S & H Sheet Metal & Fabrication, Inc. from the Sundeens with a strategic business plan in place; grow in capacity and strengthen our abilities to be a competitive force in the utilities industry. This was achieved when S & H moved to their new facility in 2020, increasing floor space, integrating automation, and allowing for scalability.

Forward Focus

Today our journey leads on a path of continued growth and the second chapter of the story is exciting. We continue to build on 75 years of excellence, committed to driving innovation and operating with discipline, all while keeping our company purpose at the core. We remain focused on supply chain efficiency and collaboration, and on time delivery of high-quality products that support the goals of our customers. The company that the Mr. Sundeen founded 75 years ago continues to build on his simple checklist of ethical behavior. They transcend generations and cultures, and continue to provide opportunities today for our customers, employees, and our community.

Let’s Work Together

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